Meet the Project Steering Committee

This phase includes people from across CU. The CHRO from each campus is participating as a voting member of the project steering committee.

Steering Committee Members
Name Title Campus Voting Members
Adrienne Howarth-Moore Associate Vice Chancellor and CHRO Anschutz X
Florie Montoya Assistant  VC of Talent Acquisition, Human Resources Anschutz  
Christopher Smith VC for Information Strategy & Services Anschutz  
Robyn Fergus Sr. Assoc VC Chief People Officer Boulder X
Kenny Nelson Assistant  VC of HRSC Boulder  
Marin Stanek VC of Information Technology & CIO Boulder  
Angela Bender Assistant VC & CHRO Colorado Springs X
Harper Johnson Assistant  VC of Technology & CIO Colorado Springs  
Jerilyn Taylor Director of Human Resources Operations Colorado Springs  
teri engelke Assistant  VC for Human Resources Denver X
Felicity O'Herron Vice President & CHRO System X
Scott Munson Assoc VP & CIO System  
Sharon Bishop Vice President of Payroll System  
Bob Sudo Director of Human Resources IT Services System