Time & Labor project resets to take a closer look on current campus practices.

The Chief Human Resources Officers from across CU jointly decided to reset the Time & Labor project focus to performing a deeper current state assessment of time keeping and leave request business processes across CU.

Earlier this year, the rollout of a new timekeeping system was announced, beginning in Spring 2023 with System Administration and CU Boulder, and followed by CU Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus and CU Colorado Springs. However, after a third-party project assessment, the project team realized that a better understanding and documentation on the current state of time tracking and leave systems was needed to make key decisions. 

This holistic approach ensures project stakeholders can make better informed decisions, and there is as minimal impact as possible to all CU employees for this project and future state redesigns. 

The current state information gathering has already been completed at System and is nearing completion at Boulder. More information is coming soon regarding the timeline to complete the current state assessment at Denver, Anschutz and Colorado Springs. A more comprehensive timeline and rollout strategy will be released as the assessment commences.

Keep an eye out for future communications concerning the project from your campus HR office and Employee Services. Reach out to the project team at TimeandLabor@cu.edu with any questions, comments or concerns.


Why was this decision made?

A Time & Labor project assessment was performed by an external expert during the summer. The results showed that without a better understanding and documentation of the current state from across all four campuses and System, CU is unprepared to make key decisions about our future state design, whether it is in Time & Labor or another toolset. We know there is considerable variation across our campuses, schools and departments for timekeeping and leave request processes, but we lack the clearly documented details to inform our decision making.

What does this decision mean for the project?

Previously, the project aimed for a March 2023 go live at CU Boulder and System Administration of Oracle/PeopleSoft Time & Labor module with the other campuses following later. Now, we are working to capture all current state information for all schools and departments at each campus to understand key similarities and differences in our processes, policies, and time-keeping tools. There are current state meetings underway at Boulder, and System is already complete. Current state meetings for Anschutz Medical Campus, CU Denver and CU Colorado Springs will be scheduled as our project plan is developed. Decisions about the future state design will be made after the current state assessment and related analysis are complete.

How will future decisions be made for the project?

We will develop a governance model to ensure the human resources, payroll, and IT communities across CU are represented in key project decisions. Our project decisions will focus first on processes and policies to best support our time entry and leave request functions so that our centrally processed CU payroll is efficient and accurate. Our aim is to ensure compliance and process consistency as much as possible (but allowing for campus differences where necessary). Technical tool decisions will be made subsequently.

What happens during the current state assessment?

During this phase of work, the goal is to gather all pertinent information about our time keeping and leave request processes as they exist today. This captures the baseline for these business processes and the systems and tools currently in use. We will also gain an understanding of the campus and department level policies in place today. From there, we can identify issues and inefficiencies the future state solution needs to address, as well as things we cannot break or should not change. In short, with a better base of information, we can make better decisions for our future state.

Who from my campus will be involved in the current state assessment?

Visit the Time & Labor IT Governance page for a list of people who have been identified for specific project roles to support the current state assessment. Additional subject matter experts (SMES) will be included as we move forward. Meetings will be held with each department to ensure we gather first-hand information about our current processes for time entry and leave requests.

Where should I go if I have questions?

Please send questions about the Time & Labor project to TimeandLabor@cu.edu, and a project team member will respond.

If you are on the Boulder campus, please direct your questions to this webform and the Boulder HR Time & Labor website. A Boulder project team member will respond to you.

Why change our timekeeping system?

Several pressing reasons spurred the move to a standardized timekeeping system.

  • The current timekeeping platform, My Leave, used by CU System and many departments across all campuses is a custom-built platform. This creates a considerable cost to update the platforms and inhibits compatibility and integrations with other useful software.
  • My Leave is not the only platform used at CU. Its limitations made it impractical for many departments to use, resulting in the use of more than 20 different third-party systems across our campuses. Replacing these disparate systems with a single platform could save the university approximately $500,000 each year.