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Eligible Classified Staff can now choose from two PERA mandatory retirement plans

As part of PERA legislation (Senate Bill 18-200) signed into law on June 4, 2018, University of Colorado Classified Staff newly hired/newly eligible on Jan. 1, 2019 or later may have the option to choose between the PERA Defined Benefit (DB) Plan and PERA Defined Contribution (DC) Plan.

Additional information, resources for Human Resources managers and new employees

Electing between the two plans depends on a new employee’s Job Classification and PERA history. Changes do not affect current CU Classified Staff/PERA members; they apply only to Classified Staff new hires/newly eligible Jan. 1, 2019 or later

The following resources provide more information about the plans and changes:

Ask questions and schedule workshops

If you have questions, please email our Benefits Outreach Professional Deborah Lowe.

Supervisors may also reach out to Deborah if they would like to schedule an educational workshop for their department. 

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