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CU’s Parental Leave Policy change brings new HCM processes, features

The University of Colorado’s Parental Leave Policy has recently changed, adding paid parental leave for some employees. Along with this change comes new Job Action codes, Job Action Reason codes and adjustments to the processes of entering parental leave in HCM, My Leave and CU Time.

New processes and system features

Prior to making entries into HCM for University Staff and 12-month Faculty, use your campus specific parental leave request form. Work with your HR office if you need additional guidance.

The parental leave policy for 9-month Faculty and Classified Staff remains unchanged, which means there are no process changes for this population.

Updated system features

New Job Action and Job Action Reason codes have been added to the Leave of Absence ePAR as a way to indicate whether an employee is taking paid or unpaid parental leave:

  • For paid leave, use Job Action Paid Leave of Absence (PLA) and Job Action Reason Parental Leave (PRL).
  • For unpaid leave, use Job Action Leave of Absence (LOA) and Job Action Reason Parental Leave (PRL).

Job Action Reason and earnings codes are effective Dec. 31, 2017, to capture any additional campus policies that may have since been put in place.

Entering Earnings Codes in My Leave and CU Time

When entering Earnings Codes in My Leave, ensure you’re using the PPL (Paid Parental Leave) code.

If you do not use My Leave, the file you send to CU Time must have the same code.

For information about specific processes your campus follows, please contact your HR office or visit their website:

Additional resources

If you would like to learn more, please review the following policy, guide and job aid:

For additional resources, visit the Leave of Absence section of the HCM website

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