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The Cross-Campus Team: Helping to make the next round of HCM developments a success

The next round of HCM improvements is well underway, with two business processes changing on April 14 in an effort to continue migrating the system away from Smart ePAR transactions to the use of delivered functionality. These changes include:

  • Transfers: streamlines processes, simplifies default values, adds new compensation rate field logic, related content features and more.
  • POI: add new controls on POI records, allows for more accurate sponsor data, changes to Social Security requirements and adds new planned exit date defaults.

Later this year, modifications to Hire and Rehire will also take place.

These upgrades will streamline the user experience, reduce the required maintenance, stabilize and enhance the system and allow users to more effectively perform their business functions. For additional details and timelines, click here.

How were these decisions made?

System Administration project members and campus HR subject matter experts have worked together as a Cross-Campus Team to prioritize changes to business processes.

Over the course of the project, the team has met regularly to come to a consensus about the most important business processes to address, ultimately presenting their recommendations to the HCM Steering Committee, who deliberated and signed off on the official decision, solidifying the project’s direction.

Cross-Campus meeting
Cross-campus meeting

Get to know the Cross-Campus Team leads

The Cross-Campus Team leads have been chosen to represent their campuses throughout this project. Learn more about them.

Cross-Campus Leads
Leads pictured from left to right: Florie Montoya, Shelly Raney, Kenny Nelson, Jason Leach, Ashley Eschler and Erika Nelson. Not pictured: Susan Watson.

Lead Responsibilities

In an effort to ensure success on their campuses after developments have launched, leads have taken on the following tasks:

  • Reviewing and confirming current state business process maps, building a comprehensive understanding of how campus users completed their business processes.
  • Providing guidance and campus level details in relation to requirements and solutions.
  • Reviewing and selecting system design changes to meet campus users’ needs.
  • Communicating information about the project from cross-campus meetings to campus users. 

Professional title, time employed at CU and favorite aspect of working on the HCM development project

Florie Montoya is the Director of Talent Acquisition and Compensation on the CU Denver | Anschutz Medical campus and has been with the university for 17 years.

Favorite part: “Partnering with the HCM project team and our campus constituents to gain an understanding of the unique needs and complexities of our departments to ensure we are considering all of this when representing our specific needs. Campus representatives have been very involved in participating in requirements gathering and making decisions based on business needs. We hope to demonstrate that we are listening to feedback and that we have learned from the past as we prepare users for future changes.”

Shelly Raney is an HR and Payroll Consultant and HCM User Acceptance Testing Campus Coordinator on the UCCS campus and has worked at the university for 3.5 years.

Favorite part: “I love being a part of the nuts and bolts of a project. As challenging as HCM is, the process has been a learning experience. Knowing why we do the things we do, and how things work, are beneficial when it comes to training our end users. With a degree in criminology, I have enjoyed solving the mystery of HCM.”

Kenny Nelson is an Assistant Director of the HR Service Center on the CU Boulder campus and has worked at the university for 8 years.

Favorite part: “The individuals and collaboration throughout this process. While some days are difficult and some tasks are less than ideal, we have the common goal of continuing to help fulfill the academic and research mission and ultimately improve the student experience across the University of Colorado system.”

Jason Leach is an HR Communications Specialist on the CU Denver | Anschutz Medical campus and has been with the university for 1.5 years.

Favorite part: “Finding and helping fix business process and system hiccups so our final product is improved.” 

Ashley Eschler is an HR Manager at Employee Services in System Administration and has been at CU for 3 years.

Favorite part: “I have really seen the campus groups come together in a way I haven’t seen before. It’s been good getting to know the other campus process and trying to find a way to be consistent while keeping in mind the potential for individual campus needs.”

Erika Nelson is a Project Analyst for the Payroll Department at Employee Services in System Administration and has been with CU for  2.5 years.

Favorite part:  “I wear a lot of hats, and I enjoy the ability to keep it all together while providing expertise and assistance wherever possible. This project really brings all the campuses together, and I love being in the middle of it. It has been a journey, and I can’t wait to see what’s lying behind the next mountain as we all work together to get there.”

Susan Watson is the Associate Director of HR on the UCCS campus and has been with the university for 10 years.

Favorite part: “Collaborating with the other campuses and hearing about their challenges and solutions that might inform our processes. I also like gaining a better understanding of Peoplesoft.”

Learn more

To learn more about other key project groups, please visit the HCM Projects website

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