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System fixes and enhancements, Jan. 2-5

The following fixes and enhancements affecting ePAR, CU Time and HCM were implemented this week:


  • A recent enhancement now allows ePARs to be used when hiring an employee or Person of Interest (POI) under the age of 18-years-old (with a minimum age of 15-years-old).

CU Time

  • Regular earnings codes occasionally mapped to an incorrect overtime code. For example, Regular Earnings Salary (RGS) mapped to Student Overtime (SOT) instead of the correct Regular Overtime (OTM) code. This issue has been resolved.


  • CU_POSN_HDR records updated incorrectly when users in correction mode made changes to a position’s effective date that had been processed through workflow. Previously, the header record updated after the effective date field was tabbed out of, even if the changes were not saved. This has been changed so now the header record will update only when the changes are saved.  

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