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Spring cleaning and beyond: data cleaning is a year-round task

While CU utilizes powerful software systems and platforms to accomplish crucial day-to-day tasks, those systems are only as good as the data we maintain. Employee data can often have incorrect, incomplete or outdated information. Our systems work best when this data is complete and up-to-date, and it’s the responsibility of HCM users to prioritize data cleanup as a regular and ongoing task.

It’s up to all of us to see to the care and upkeep of our data, and we want to give you the tools and support you need to fulfill this crucial mission.

What happens when data is neglected?

The consequences of operating with unreliable data are innumerable. They include:

  • Employee frustration
  • Risk of compliance violations
  • Increased costs to the university
  • Unexpected additional work needed to prepare for new software products

Tools for the job

HCM has three new queries available to help you identify data gaps, inconsistencies and more.

1. Clean-Up Position Information (CUES_HCM_CLEANUP_POSITION) identifies current position records with data issues including:

  • Missing or inactive departments and job codes
  • Incorrectly marked full- or part-time status
  • Missing supervisor information

2. Clean-Up Job Data (CUES_HCM_CLEANUP_JOB) identifies active job records with data issues such as:

  • Incorrect pay group
  • Missing employee classification or action reason
  • Use of outdated “UCOLO” business unit designation

3. Clean-Up Job/Position Mismatches (CUES_HCM_CLEANUP_MISMATCH) identifies inconsistencies between job data and position information among fields such as

  • Business unit
  • Department
  • Location code
  • Standard hours
  • Classified/Unclassified

These queries also have some helpful features in the query results tables.

Component URLs – in the rightmost columns of your query results, you’ll see columns labeled “Go To Page” which provide easy navigation to HCM pages relevant to the type of cleanup you’re performing. These links will open a new tab populated with the relevant search result information of the row you selected.

Mailto Links – The email addresses that are returned in the query results table will open a new message in your default email client with that email address and subject prepopulated. You only need to type in your message and send.

New columns may be added as additional cleanup needs are identified, and new queries may be created to more easily facilitate this necessary process.

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