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Review funding best practices before the start of fiscal year 2019

Make sure you’re prepared for year-end close and the beginning of fiscal year 2019 (FY19) by reviewing these six best practices for funding:

  • Beginning June 22, review monthly payroll registers for June to confirm that all payroll processed correctly.
  • Complete PETs for FY18 payroll items by July 12 in order to post in FY18. 
  • Review personnel rosters to ensure position and job data are entered correctly for July payroll.
  • Review the July 1, 2018 funding rows to verify the rollover process created expected results. If the rollover created the new row from the previous row with expired funding end dates, the new funding end date is July 31, 2018. If not updated, payroll will go to suspense after July 31
  • If July funding needs to be updated, complete it before July payroll. Do not use Apply to Next Fiscal Year for July funding updates.
  • If June biweekly payroll funding must be updated, use the Apply to Next Fiscal Year to create a corresponding July 1, 2018 row.

In addition to these steps, remember that funding entries should always be validated after entry and they must be in a completed status before they will update the Department Budget Table. 

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