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Preview new Transaction Launch Page, processes for entering Hires, Rehires and Additional Jobs

Beginning Dec. 1, the current Hire ePAR form will no longer be available within HCM. In its place, a new Transaction Launch Page will be used to first search for a person who will be hired, rehired or have an additional job associated, and then perform the transaction.

Note: the transfer transaction will also be accessed from the launch page. The Transaction Launch Page simplifies decision making regarding the type of transaction performed and helps ensure duplicate personal data records for one individual are not created.

Transaction Launch Page

Helpful hint: Before searching for a person using the Transaction Launch Page, run the following queries to ensure you have the information you need:

  • Job List query (CUES_HCM_JOB_LIST)
  • Future Job List query (CUES_HCM_FUTURE_JOB_LIST

Reminder: Differences between Hires, Rehires and Additional Jobs

  • Hire: There’s no previous record or CU employment information for the person being hired (this includes hiring Persons of Interest).
  • Rehire: There is an HCM person record for the individual and they have previously worked for CU. They will have at least one inactive job record in Job Data.
  • Additional Job: There is an HCM person record and an active employment record for the person being hired. In this case, you are associating another employment instance.

Prepare to enter transactions

It is important to ensure that the position and funding are prepared before transactions are initiated, as you will no longer be able to make these updates within the transaction form. This process is outlined in the graphic below.

Task preparation

Enter transactions

Whether you need to enter a hire, rehire, or additional job transaction, the process begins the same way. Note: Any of these transactions could include contract pay or those brought in with an Applicant Tracking System (Avature at CU Boulder and CU Careers at Anschutz Medical Campus, CU Denver, and CU Colorado Springs). Enter transactions following the process described below.

While on the Transaction Launch Page, search for the person being hired using their National ID, Empl ID, first name and last name, date of birth, last four digits of their National ID or department. You can search using one or a combination of these options.

Helpful hint: If known, searching by Empl ID or National ID will produce the most specific results. If you search by name only, your results may contain more than one person, and you will need to ensure that you select the correct person for the transaction.

TBT Guided Navigation

Indicate the type of transaction you are completing by selecting Hire, Rehire, Additional Job or Transfer from the Search Option drop-down menu. This is required. If you don’t select a value for the Search Option, HCM will remind you. Clicking the Search button begins the search.

The search results information will display in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Applicants box and/or HCM Data box as applicable.

Helpful hint: Information is sent from the ATS systems to HCM with a nightly integration. Only ATS records set with Ready for HCM are included.

ATS Applicants and HCM Data Boxes

Based on the results returned, you determine the transaction to perform by checking the appropriate row and clicking the Submit button. The Template Action column in the HCM Data box will indicate the type of transaction that will be created; this is the “Action” – you will select an appropriate “Reason” in the template.

  • New Hire: If no results are found in the ATS nor HCM for the person you searched for, you will need to create a New Hire transaction. Check the Add a Person checkbox and then click the Submit button. This will take you to the Add a Person form and allow you to add the hire’s personal data (biographical, contact information, etc.). 

    Helpful hint: The individual must have a personal data record in HCM before they can be hired into a position. After you enter the personal data, you will be brought to the Hire template automatically.
  • ATS New Hire: If information is found in the ATS Applicant box, select this option. Information entered in the ATS during recruiting will be populated into the appropriate template.
  • Rehire: If an inactive job record is found in the HCM Data box, this is considered a Rehire. Select the inactive record then click the Submit button. This will take you to the appropriate template to create a Rehire.

    Helpful hint: The template will display the personal data on record even if the individual previously worked on a different campus. Personal data can be edited in the template. The Empl ID will also be populated. As a reminder, the system will prevent you from rehiring a person that was previously terminated with the reason code Not Eligible for Rehire.
  • ATS Rehire: If there is an inactive job record found in the HCM Data box and there is information for the person being hired in the ATS Applicant box, select both. A Rehire transaction will be created and information captured in the ATS during recruiting will populate the template automatically. This information can be updated in the template.
  • Additional Job: If an active job record is found in the HCM Data box, this is considered an Additional Job. Select the New Employment Instance record, then click the Submit button. This will take you to the template to create an Additional Job.

    Helpful hint: Personal data will not appear on the Additional Job template because the person is an active CU employee. It is assumed this information is correct but can be edited via self-service in the portal. 

After you determine the transaction type and click submit, the system will ask you whether the employee is a contract employee. Click Yes or No and proceed with your transaction. If you select Yes, the template will include fields for the contract information. If you select No, these fields do not display.

After you enter all needed information, associate the position and job with the person being hired. Include a Job Effective Date, Position Number and compensation information. Position and Job data cannot be edited in the hire template.

Once you have completely populated the template, you will Save and Submit for Approval. You always have the option to save a transaction as draft – it will be available in your Transactions in Progress list under the Non-pay Actions tile > Template Based Transactions.

Get the training you need

Make sure you get the training you need to complete these transactions after the upgrade by registering for in-person training, reviewing recorded webinars and using practice materials. You can also practice ahead of time by reviewing the Captivate web-based training videos under the HCM Upgrade Practice tab.

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