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Prepare for upcoming changes to Hire approvals

After the next HCM upgrade on Dec. 1, Hire, Rehire and Additional Job actions will make use of the delivered Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) put in place earlier this year for Transfer transactions. AWE allows CU to establish approval rules and routings that are specific to each campus, and this change will keep processes consistent across hiring transactions. 

Prepare by reviewing approval reminders and upcoming changes. Note: Click any image below to enlarge it.

Where to find Hire transactions that need approval

Approvals for Hire transactions are found on the Approval tile. The tile is on the CU Resources Home and HCM Community Users pages.

Approvals Tile

Approvers will click the Approvals tile and select Template Hire, which will filter the approvals lists to show only Hire, Rehire or Additional Job transactions.

Template Hire

The Manage Hires screen opens when the transaction is selected. Here, an approver can Approve, Deny, or Pushback the hire transaction.

  • Approving a transaction completes it, and the data is written to HCM. When Approve is clicked, the template opens. The approver can review the information entered; if everything is correct, they click Save and Submit. This commits the transaction to HCM.
  • Denying stops a transaction and no additional action can be taken. If an approver denies a transaction accidentally, a new transaction will have to be created; denying a transaction effectively kills the transaction in the system.
  • Pushback sends the transaction back to the initiator to be corrected.

Comments must be entered if denying or pushing back transactions. They should be substantive and explain why the transaction is being denied or pushed back, as well as outline the HCM user’s next steps. An email notification is sent to the initiator with these comments included.

View Template allows approvers to see the template, including the Personal Data and Position & Job Information entered.

Manage Hire Details

Once an approver completes the approval, pushback or denial with comments, the system returns them to their approvals list. If an approver pushes back, they will not see the transaction in their worklist anymore. Instead, the initiator sees it in their list in-progress transactions. If the final approver edits the transaction, a notification will be sent to everyone in the approval chain.

Changes coming to automatic approval

The following changes will be made to Hire approvals on Dec. 1:

  • Automatic Approval: Automatic Approval will be possible if a transaction is entered by an approver and it meets campus-specific AWE requirements, such as employment type, job code and more.
  • Route to Requestor: Instead of transactions auto-approving, they will Route to Requestor, and the approver will need to perform the approval step in the approval workflow.

Training resources are available

If you need more information about upcoming HCM changes, structured labs, a recorded webinar and online tools and resources are available.


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