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One My Leave earnings code status to be removed, more changes on the way

My Leave’s option to mark hours as Do Not Send a Request will be removed on Oct. 26.

The reason: Hours marked as Do Not Send a Request can bypass the approval process and are never recorded in PeopleSoft as time taken. In the case of sick and vacation leave usage, this time never reduces absence balances.

Starting Oct. 26, hours entered with this status from Oct. 1 forward will be deleted, and hours entered with this status prior to Oct. 1 will remain in the system.  

Important information on adjusting employee time

If an employee changes the status of past hours from Do Not Send a Request to Submit a Request or Taken, this will not load absence time to CU Time and correct their balance. The time must be entered directly into CU Time. However, the status change may activate an approval process, preventing their current time from loading to CU Time until the change is approved.

Identifying employees who have hours with a Do Not Send a Request status

On Oct. 26, reports will be emailed to campus leaders with employees who have hours associated with Do Not Send a Request status (including historical entries and those dated from Oct. 1 forward). Deleted entries must be reentered if employees want to take their absence leave.

The My Leave Calendar View query has also been updated, allowing you to select only entries that are currently in a Do Not Submit a Request status and search for past entries within your department. 

Earnings Codes with a Do Not Send a Request status option

Earnings Code Description
ADM Administrative Leave
CMP Compensatory Time
DK3 Furlough Leave
FLH Floating Holiday
FLV Family Medical Leave
FNL Funeral Leave
FSK Family Sick Leave
JRY Jury Leave
LBU Leave Bank/Direct Award Usage
MLP Paid Military Leave
OJI On the Job Injury
PPL Paid Parental Leave
SCK Sick Leave
SDV Staff Development
SJD Student Jury Duty
VAC Vacation Leave
VOL Volunteer-Administrative Leave

Future My Leave changes

By the end of the year, a My Leave update will change the CU department timesheet review process by including only active My Leave users on the Review page. This will streamline the process by removing employees who do not use the system.  

If you have feedback about these future changes, please email HCM Community.

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