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New version of Form I-9 now available in HireRight

On Aug. 1, 2023, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and the Department of Homeland Security released an updated version of Form I-9 along with changes to the I-9 verification process. Those using the paper form can access the new version from the USCIS website, but the prior form and related processes are still valid through Oct. 31.

In response to the updates, HireRight has been working to update their system to reflect the new Form I-9. The new form is now available in HireRight as of Oct. 23.

What to expect

Form I-9 is used to verify eligibility to work in the United States, and the updates introduced in August include changes to the form itself:

  • Sections 1 and 2 have been consolidated into a single sheet. Some fields were merged into fewer fields when possible, such as in the employer certification, but none were removed.
    • For HireRight, the Section 2 process will now include a box to indicate if the alternative procedure is used (see next bullet).
  • The form now includes a checkbox for E-Verify employers to indicate when they have remotely examined Form I-9 documents.
    • In HireRight, an additional field will be added to Section 2 in which employers can check if they are using the alternative procedure authorized by DHS to examine documents.
  • The Preparer/Translator Certification area, formerly found in Section 1, has been moved to a separate Supplement A that employers can provide to employees when necessary.
    • In HireRight, users will see no changes to the preparer/translator process. Any information captured will be populated on the new version of Form I-9 in Supplement A.
  • Section 3 Reverification and Rehire was moved to a standalone Supplement B that employers can print as needed for rehire or reverification. This supplement provides four areas for current and subsequent reverifications. Employers may attach additional supplements as needed.
    • No changes will be made to the reverification process in HireRight. Any information captured will be populated on the new version of Form I-9 in Supplement B.
  • “Alien authorized to work” in Section 1 has been replaced with “noncitizen authorized to work.” The form has also clarified the difference between “noncitizen national” and “noncitizen authorized to work.”
    • This terminology will likewise be updated in HireRight for Section 1 citizenship options.
  • The new digital version on the USCIS website can now be filled out on tablets and mobile devices. Some features from the digital form have been removed to make the form easier to download, which includes the requirement to enter “N/A” in certain fields.
    • HireRight already offers mobile app support.
  • The new form revises the Lists of Acceptable Documents page to include some acceptable receipts as well as guidance and links to information on automatic extensions of employment authorization documentation.
    • Candidates already receive a link directly to the USCIS I-9 Central list of acceptable documents when completing Section 1. The page is maintained by USCIS, so HireRight does not need to implement changes.

Overall, the workflow in HireRight should remain largely the same, and some changes will only be reflected in the completed form once it’s generated.

However, there are some features that will be useful for departments to be aware of:

  • When the alternative procedure checkbox is enabled, the authorized representative will be presented with an option to check a box following the completion of Section 2 or 3 indicating an alternative procedure was used.
  • There will be no changes to the correction process. When an older version of the I-9 needs to be corrected, the corrections will be made in the new form and appended to their original form.
  • The Reverification Process section (now Supplement B) will not change in HireRight. The information input during the workflow will simply show up in a different area of the completed form.

Training Opportunities

These informative sessions will help you navigate the new Form I-9 and enhanced E-Verify services. Please choose a time from the schedule below. No pre-registration is needed — simply click the Zoom link to join at the indicated start time.


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