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New PET message reminds you to select the whole paycheck when reallocating funding

To prevent errors in the distribution of a paycheck (including taxes and deductions), a new warning message will appear if the entire paycheck is not selected when you attempt to process a Payroll Expense Transfer (PET). This message is only a warning and will not stop the PET from processing. 

When searching for paychecks on the PET search page, more than one line may display for each paycheck (by pay period) in order to differentiate between different elements in that pay period. Best practice includes selecting the entire paycheck when changing funding for one or more items in the paycheck.

Separate paycheck search lines display on the search page when multiple values exist for an earnings period, record number, position number, department, pay group, and/or job code. When reallocating a paycheck on the Earnings tab, this separate line feature makes funding changes easy—like choosing one position or one additional pay earning code to update.

Consider that a single whole paycheck reflects effort for the entire pay period, and funding for the effort in that period should be considered overall. Excluding paycheck lines (i.e., effort), may cause the funding for the period of earnings, taxes, and deductions to recalculate for only a portion of the check, causing errors in the final distribution. Confirm that the distribution reflects the whole effort for the entire period and allow taxes and deductions to distribute correctly. 

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If you have questions or concerns about the distribution of taxes and deductions on your campus, reach out to your area accountant or campus controller. For any system HR/GL issues (where payroll meets finance), reach out to  For general assistance, reach out to

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