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New Colorado state tax withholding form available

Colorado has a new tax form available for employees to make changes to their Colorado state tax withholding.

Beginning in August, employees will need to use the new Colorado Form DR 0004, Colorado Employee Withholding Certificate, to adjust Colorado state withholding tax.  This will be the only acceptable form to submit changes to your Colorado tax withholding. 

An overview of Colorado Form DR 0004:

  • This form does not replace the IRS Form W-4. If an employee does not submit a  Colorado Form DR 0004, then CU must calculate their Colorado state withholding tax based on their federal W-4.
  • This form allows changes to your state annual withholding allowance and/or opting to have an additional amount withheld. The additional amount an employee designates will be deducted from every check — it is not an annual amount.
  • The Colorado Filing Status (Married, Single, Head of Household, Exempt) must align with the filing status on their federal W-4.
    • A new IRS Form W-4 must be entered in the employee portal if you wish to change your tax filing status or claim exemption from taxes. This will change how both federal and Colorado state withholding is calculated, unless a Colorado Form DR 0004 is also submitted.
  • A DR 0004 remains in effect until a new certificate is submitted. A new certificate revokes and replaces any prior form.
  • Each time a new IRS Form W-4 is entered, Colorado state withholding will default to the new federal W-4 calculations. A new DR 0004 will need to be submitted if an employee wishes to have additional Colorado tax withheld or change their Colorado annual withholding allowance.

A withholding calculator can be found on the Colorado Department of Revenue website along with the DR 0004 form. Employee Services cannot provide tax advice.

To keep confidential employee information secure, this form should be mailed to Employee Services, 1800 Grant St. Suite 400, Denver, CO 80203

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