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Move payments in off-cycle; effect on financial reports

Move payments were delayed and not ready for upload for the April monthly payroll.  They have been uploaded to the off-cycle payroll running today (April 24) and will pay out this Friday, April 26.   

While the Move payments post to the Be Colorado speed type, the corresponding taxes post according to commitment accounting campus-specific setup rules. The associated OASDI (Social Security) and Medicare taxes for this Move cycle’s payments will post on financial reports in separate payroll journal with an invoice date of 4/19/19.

Anticipate that additional posted lines will correspond to the amount of taxes below:

Move Payment OASDI (Social Security) 6.2% Med only 1.45%
75.00 5.74 1.09
50.00 3.83 0.73
25.00 1.91 0.36


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