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Minimum wage uploads completed Jan. 10

On Jan. 10, Employee Services completed minimum wage uploads to increase the pay rates of hourly employees who fell below Colorado’s new minimum wage of $11.10.

An effective date of 12/30/2018 was used for the pay rate change rows in Job Data in order to pay the first 2019 biweekly payroll, which included 01/01/2019 at the new rate.

Additional adjustments

Employee Services does not evaluate or adjust the pay of salaried employees whose hourly rates are below minimum wage, but occasionally runs queries to identify hourly employees whose compensation rates fall below it. 

Payroll Personnel Liaisons (PPLs) and Human Resources representatives should ensure the compensation rates of in-state and out-of-state employees comply with minimum wage rates. Employees who work outside of Colorado must be paid at, or above, the minimum wage of the state in which they work. 

Learn more

For more information about Colorado’s minimum wage, visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment website.

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