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Be aware of candidate data deletion starting July 1

Beginning July 1, data will be deleted from candidate systems Taleo, HireRight, HireVue and SkillSurvey in compliance with Colorado Privacy Law.

How will data be deleted?

Candidate information will be eliminated from the following systems starting July 1. Any information under legal hold should be exported and saved. Once the record retention period or legal hold is over, records should be deleted from any candidate system.

CU Careers/Taleo
Deletion will occur monthly through an automated task managed by a System Administrator.


Data is retained within HireRight unless one of the following actions are completed by campus Human Resources:

  1. A termination date associated with the I-9 is entered. This starts the retention period from the termination date.
  2. The I-9 is manually deleted in the system.

Background Checks
HireRight does not have a deletion process for U.S. background checks, but information is retained for a minimum of five years in accordance with Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements. Background check data is retained in HireRight unless manually deleted in the system by campus Human Resources.

Non-U.S. data retention is six months and is automatically deleted by HireRight. Background checks from Europe, the Middle East and Africa can be extended to 24 months, and background checks from Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Canada can be extended for 36 months.

HireVue (System and Boulder campus only)
Deletion will occur nightly through an automated task managed by a System Administrator.

Deletion will be administered by SkillSurvey.

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For more information about this process, click here.

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