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What to know about the new equity adjustment action code

In response to the enactment of Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (EPEWA), the University of Colorado has been undertaking a review of existing employee’s salaries. If an adjustment needs to be made to an employee’s base pay as part of this review, a new action reason code was created in HCM.

This code’s purpose is to track all adjustments made as part of the EPEWA review. When viewed in a report, any such changes will be recorded as “PAY/EPA.”

Within HCM, when completing a job change template, the action code will be “pay rate change,” and the reason for that action will be “Equal pay for equal work adj.”

For HCM users, each campus will decide how and by whom this code is used. For example, some campuses will allow payroll liaisons to make this job change entry pending approval from HR while others will only allow HR personnel to enter this transaction.

For the CU System Office, this code will only be entered centrally by HR staff.

Users are asked to consult with their department or campus HR office to confirm how this code should be used.

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