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Verify proof of employment and income history with new service

Many occasions require faculty and staff to provide verification of their employment, salary or termination with the University of Colorado. Whether applying for a loan, government programs, housing or other services, CU employees can provide proof of their employment and income history 24/7.

CU has partnered with CCC Verify, an online service that enables organizations such as lenders and government agencies to access key employment data for CU employees. This platform also allows employees to issue verification letters and reports, review their information for accuracy, dispute inaccurate data and control access to their information with security keys.

Employees are not required to establish an account for outside organizations to verify their CU employment information through CCC Verify, but they will need to create an account in order to use the features listed above. To get started, visit the Employment Verification information page.

Many companies use CCC Verify, but those that don’t can visit the Employment Verification information page for instructions to create an account.

The page also provides a collection of frequently asked questions and contact information, if you experience issues with the CCC Verify website or have any concerns with the accuracy of your information.

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