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Tools and tips for successful funding distributions

Using knowledge of how funding functions and the tools available for managing funding become the groundwork for successful funding strategies. Review the HCM Work Center queries, special grant considerations, and mid-month funding change details to expertly tackle any funding challenges.

Use HCM WorkCenter Resources

The HCM WorkCenter has several queries to help manage funding. Check these out to create your strategy to manage funding effectively.

Personnel Roster This query returns important job data for active employees, including supervisor information.
End of Appointment or Contract This query returns a list of employees with appointments or contracts that have expired or will be expiring in the next 45 days.
Position Funding This query returns current position funding for active positions only.
Funding Distribution This query returns job data and funding distribution info by employee ID, department ID, organization, and/or position number. Position number returns as a hyperlink — clicking the link will open a new tab with funding history, including future-dated info.
Funding History This query returns the complete funding history for a single position. Can be run from the results of the Funding Distribution query.
Funding Suspense Current Row This query returns active employees (or those terminated with pay) whose current funding row has a project end date, funding end date, or budget end date that falls in the past or up to 45 days in the future, or if there is no position/department match in the department budget tables.
Funding Suspense Max Row This query returns active employees who have a project end date, funding end date, or budget end date on their MAX funding row that falls in the past or up to 45 days in the future (includes future dated funding rows).
Funding Suspense Previous Rows This query returns active employees who have a project end date, funding end date, or budget end date on their CURRENT funding row that falls on today's date or in the past. This report DOES NOT include any future-dated rows.
Paycheck Distribution This query returns employee earnings and employer deductions/taxes with corresponding SpeedTypes by PPE.
Payroll Register Acct Detail This query returns paycheck information and an earnings breakdown with accounting details by PPE.

Download the query results to Excel to easily filter for expired funding or expired project end dates.

Mid-period Effective Dates for Funding

Mid pay period funding changes make an impact on the way funding posts. Know the ins and outs for the perfect approach to successful implementation.

Create a new funding row when funding expires part way through a month. For example, if a funding row has a funding end-date of February 15th, create a new row effective February 16th with active funding to ensure payroll will process correctly for the entire period. Expired funding causes payroll to go to suspense.

What happens when a position changes funding mid pay period? The pay will distribute proportionally to the number of funded days of all calendar days in the month. This is different than calculating a partial month of pay, which is proportional to the number of paid status days of all the working days in the month.

Example for February

February 2023 has 28 days. If a funding distribution exists on February 1st, and another distribution is added effective February 16th, calculate the distribution as follows for $1000 of pay:

Feb. 1 – Feb. 15 = 15 days or 15/28 days or 53.571% of the month ($1000 x 53.571% = $535.71 funded during this part of the month).
Feb. 16 - Feb. 28 = 13 days or 13/28 days or 46.429% of the month. ($1000 x 46.429% = $464.29 funded during this part of the month).

Grants and Contracts Funding

When funding includes grants and contracts, there are a few extra considerations to incorporate with your funding strategies. 

Look for funding end-dates that expire soon and add new funding rows before they expire.

Funding entries will accept projects in pre-spending and open status. Projects past their end dates and/or in ended or reporting status cause payroll to go to suspense.

Only projects require funding end dates. Removing funding end dates from non-sponsored funding avoids suspense after the fiscal year roll-forward. 

Note: The budget end date is equal to the end of the fiscal year. This cannot be changed on a funding entry or row. A new funding entry/row is required each new fiscal year.

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