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Take advantage of no-cost training resources this performance cycle

As the events of 2020 seep into 2021, many departments are experiencing limited budgets this fiscal year. However, that doesn’t mean your team can’t have quality development resources to meet their professional goals. Supervisors are encouraged to take advantage of LinkedIn Learning, CU’s online learning platform teeming with instructional videos on the latest industry topics.

Here are a few ways to take advantage of LinkedIn Learning this performance cycle:

  • Build a Collection: Do you have courses or a set of videos in mind? Create a collection to guide your employees in their development. Similar to a playlist, a collection stores resources that can be shared with others across CU. Learn more about collections and see how to share with your team.
  • Request a Learning Path: A learning path around a central topic such as leadership or marketing can help guide your team through their professional development. Reach out to Employee Learning & Development team at
  • Browse hundreds of topics: From Audio Mixing to Back-End Web Development, you can choose from thousands of options. Have your team browse and select topics or skills they would like to learn this year through the platform.

As your team complete courses, they can post their accomplishments to their LinkedIn profile, if it is connected to LinkedIn Learning. Learn more about connecting your personal profile.

Reach out to if you have any questions about the advantages of LinkedIn Learning. For direct access to LinkedIn Learning, click here

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