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Review funding end-dates that affect grants and encumbrances

As you prepare for the fourth quarter, it’s a great time to also review funding end dates on grant funding and review fourth quarter encumbrances.

Personnel effort on projects must use funding end dates are the same date or before unexpired project end dates. Payroll that processes with expired funding or project end dates will go to suspense.  Only projects in Pre-Spending or Open status are available for funding.

Encumbrances generally reset after payroll processes. If job data rows are added after payroll, wait until the next payroll processes to reevaluate the encumbrance calculation. If you are using payroll encumbrances to help with the budget year closeout, remember that funding end dates, appointment end dates, termination dates and the fiscal year end will all impact the encumbrance calculation.

To find active employees with an expiring appointment end date, project end date, or funding end date, employ the Funding Suspense Current Row query: CUES_HCM_FUNDING_SUSPENSE and update funding before the next payroll processes.

Here’s how to access the query:

  1. Log into the employee portal.
  2. Open the CU Resources Home dropdown menu and click Business Tools.
  3. Select the HCM tile and choose HCM Community users from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the HCM WorkCenter tile.
  5. Choose the Resources tab, under HCM Queries, click then Click here for ALL and click Funding Suspense Current Row.

Learn more about how funding is managed, what suspense is, and how it is prevented and fixed with this job aid.

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