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Proactive steps to catch position errors before they disrupt payroll

As hiring for the new academic year begins, proactively check for HCM data mismatches that can affect payroll funding for new hires. Here are a few tips to keep funding from tripping up payroll. 

 Tip #1: Use this checklist for funding new positions.

  1. Funding is created for your new position using the position HRGL Request.
  2. Check that SpeedTypes and projects are in an active funding status and that funding and project end dates are current.
  3. After the position row is approved, use CU Position Funding History in the HCM WorkCenter to confirm the new funding posted.

 Tip #2:  Are you hiring into a vacant position?

Use CU Position Funding History in the HCM WorkCenter to confirm that funding is current and accurate before hiring the new incumbent.

Use the CU Funding Entry to update funding on a vacant position. Changes can be effective any time during the vacant period.

Was the position created in the prior fiscal year (FY22) for a hire in the next fiscal year (FY23)?  Make sure funding exists in both fiscal years.

After the incumbent is hired, effective dates can be entered for a current or future payroll period only.

 Tip #3: Has your position changed departments? Make sure funding is up to date in the new department.

Funding is created for the position row with the department change using the position HRGL Request feature from position.

After the position row is approved, use CU Position Funding History on the HCM WorkCenter to see that the new funding posted to the new department.

 Tip #4: Funding must exist in this fiscal year. Ensure funding for new positions and new departments exist in the new fiscal year.

After the DBT Roll Forward is complete, when creating a new position or changing the position’s department with an effective date before July 1, funding is created for your new position using a position HRGL Request for the FY22.

Use the CU Funding Entry to create a funding row effective July 1, 2022 to continue funding into the new fiscal year.

 Tip #5: Does the department match in position and job data?

Compare the department listed in position and in job data.

If the department does not match in both position and job data, add a row to position to update the department.

Ensure the Position Update Incumbents Box is checked, and that the position row is approved.

Once approved, check that the new job data row posted successfully and reflects the matching department in position.

Need extra help?

If you have additional questions or issues with funding entries, you can find HR/GL resources here on the Funding Entry page of HCM.

You can also email or for additional help.

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