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Hiring a position? Review the updated Benefits Eligibility Matrix

Hiring a position? Take a look at the updated Benefits Eligibility Matrix.

This tool provides important information about employee benefits eligibility, the appropriate use of job codes and how these codes affect benefits, giving you the ability to identify the correct codes to use when setting up positions.

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Job codes and definitions were added and updated to reflect those recently added to HCM, and outdated information and invalid job codes were removed.

The matrix was expanded to list all CU benefits offerings, as well as details on pay groups and pay frequencies. While the revised matrix delivers greater clarity into university offerings, no new benefits options have been added or taken away from CU faculty and staff.

A working group was established to regularly review, enhance and update this document. Please bookmark the matrix webpage to ensure you are working from the most recent version. Do not save it to your computer, as you may be referencing outdated information.

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