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Double check job codes when hiring retirees

All University of Colorado campuses have working retirees on their payrolls, whether retaining staff and faculty in new positions after their retirement or hiring new employees who’ve retired from other PERA-eligible government entities.

In accordance with CU Administrative Policy Statement 5054: Hiring Retirees to Work in Staff or Faculty Positions, CU has established new job codes that must be used when hiring retirees to a new post-retirement position to ensure accurate leave status and benefits accounting for all working retirees.

About the codes

These new retiree job codes apply to any CU retiree or PERA retiree from any agency:

  1. 1610 – Working PERA Retiree – Staff 
  2. 1611 – Working ORP Retiree – Staff 
  3. 1620 – Working PERA Retiree – Faculty 
  4. 1621 – Working ORP Retiree – Faculty

Anyone processing the hiring of an eligible retiree must use one of the job codes listed above.

With the implementation of these new job codes, the codes formerly used for working retirees are being discontinued. These codes will still be visible in HCM while Employee Services works with campus teams to move current working retirees to the new codes.

The codes 2583 and 2585 should no longer be used for any new employees.

More about working retirees

Departments who are hiring a working retiree, whether they retired from CU or a PERA-eligible entity, must do so within the parameters established for working retirees.

All working retiree positions must be temporary. Staff positions must be temporary hourly, while faculty positions must be temporary, but can be hourly, monthly or contract.

The new job codes allow CU to quickly identify working retirees from regular employee positions that have continuing budget, and performance and merit increases.

Pay and taxes on the working retiree positions are better managed alongside the benefits that post to the retiree positions. Account codes were aligned for retirees and working retirees to streamline budget and finance activities, like reporting costs and calculating fringe rates. 

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