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Don’t miss these updates to the Encumbrance Calculation Process in HCM

A new update to the process that calculates encumbrances aligns the full-time or part-time designation for employees with their designation in payroll.

The encumbrance calculation process has been updated to align the assignment of part-time and full-time status to a given employee with the assignment of these statuses in payroll. The change should result in accounts and fringe amounts in encumbrance reports that reflect the actual allocations from payroll. 

Full-time status will be assigned to an employee based on the sum of standard hours over all active regular positions. If the sum of standard hours is greater than or equal to 20, the employee will be assigned full-time accounts and fringe amounts when applicable.

An additional update to the encumbrance process to eliminate duplicated encumbrance amounts will be complete by the end of March.

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