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A CU Funding Entry update allows you to align position funding after a department change

Updating funding for a reassigned position to match the funding source from its original department just got easier, thanks to a recent CU Funding Entry update.

To reassign a position to a different department, a department change row is added to that position in HCM. Subsequently, an HRGL Request updates the funding for that position.

On occasion, the funding for a reassigned position needs to be changed back to the same funding source it had in its former department

Before now, when campus users made a CU Funding Entry to update the funding in the current department to match the previous department, the entry page noted that the current funding source duplicated the former funding source with an error message reading, “there were no funding changes.” This error prevented a user from adding the new funding row to the current department.

With the funding entry change, this message will still indicate that the funding rows match, to warn against accidental duplication, but it will allow the duplicate funding row to process successfully and post the updated funding row to the current department’s budget table.

If you have any questions or concerns not addressed here, please reach out to your campus HR department or contact System HR by emailing or for assistance.

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