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CU Funding Entry page 'Apply to Next Fiscal Year' will be disabled July 17

The CU Funding Entry Apply to Next Fiscal Year function will be disabled on July 17. This feature is disabled after the last pay period in a fiscal year.

A new Department Budget Table (DBT) is required for every new position, each time a position changes departments and when the fiscal year changes. The Apply to Next Fiscal Year feature in the CU Funding Entry copies the new funding row effective before July 1 to a new row effective July 1 so that the same funding distribution may continue into the new fiscal year.

After the feature is disabled, funding must be manually entered when funding crosses fiscal years. Here’s how:

  • Create two CU Funding Entries: one for the former fiscal year, and another CU Funding Entry effective 7/1 for the new fiscal year.
  • If creating a new position in FY21 effective in FY20, use the NEW position HRGL Request with the position effective date in FY20. Then, create a separate CU Funding Entry effective 7/1 to continue funding into the new FY21 fiscal year.


  • Funding will not continue unless a DBT also exists in the new fiscal year.
  • Positions without funding or with expired funding cause payroll to go to suspense.
  • ePAR transactions will not process without the existence of a corresponding DBT in the same fiscal year.
  • A NEW position effective date must be the same as the effective date of the new DBT.

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