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CU employees with growing families can get the support they need with Ovia Health

CU employees with growing families can now get the support and resources they need with the new CU Health Plan benefit Ovia Health.

What is Ovia Health?

Ovia Health offers three distinct mobile applications: Ovia Fertility, Ovia Pregnancy and Ovia Parenting. Whether families are trying to conceive, expecting a baby or parenting a new family member, each app delivers content, coaching and access to a community of support that can help them make healthier decisions and learn what to expect along the way.

CU Health Plan members also receive customized content highlighting the benefits available through their plans.

“We encourage all CU Health Plan members with growing families to take advantage of this special program,” said Sharon Bishop, Assistant Vice President of Benefits and Payroll in Employee Services. “We anticipate it will lead to healthier families and happier colleagues with real-time personalized guidance and support while they navigate their most important moments for fertility, pregnancy and parenting.”

How can employees learn more and register?

If your employees have questions about this program or would like to learn more and sign up, please refer them to the CU Health Plan website.

Thank you for spreading the word to your staff about this exciting new benefit. 

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