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Cross campus funding know-how for cross campus collaboration

Avoid surprises by understanding how payroll funding may be affected when cross campus collaboration includes cross campus payroll funding. 

Each campus has specific payroll funding rules for earnings, taxes and benefit deductions, and suspense which are determined by the Department Budget Table.  The business unit entered in position drives the table data.

Beyond basic pay, there are additional rules for determining HCM pay encumbrances, HCM encumbrances for fringe rates, and payroll expense transfers. Actual fringe rate amounts are calculated and applied through FIN, not HCM. Additional pay includes a separate process for posting taxes and deductions based on an exclusion mapping table.

For example, only the tax and retirement cost of some additional pay posts to the additional pay funding override Speedtype, instead of to the position funding.

To compare how payroll is handled between your campus and others, take a look at the chart below.  Remember that even if a SpeedType from a different campus is funding a position on the home campus, the rules for the home campus apply.  Know the funding outcomes before payroll posts and avoid future confusion.

Category Trigger UCB UCCS UCD/AMC SYS
Earnings Position funding Department Budget Table current funding row(s)
Taxes & deductions -Campus rules
-Business unit position
Pooled by business unit, position, job code Directly follow earnings SpeedType override
HCM encumbrances -Campus rules
-Business unit position
Anticipated actuals in pooled benefits SpeedType Anticipated actuals in benefits SpeedType Anticipated actuals in earnings SpeedType Anticipated actuals in override SpeedType
HCM encumbrances for fringe rates -Campus rules
-Business unit position
Campus fringe rate to earnings SpeedType None
FIN fringe rate allocation for payroll by account code
Rates based on full (UCB/UCCS) or partial (UCD/AMC) fringe costs.
Home campus SpeedTypes at month-end close Home campus fringe rates (follows earnings) Home campus fringe for WC, UI, Term, Ret (follows earnings) None
Payroll Expense Transfers (PET) -Campus rules
-Business unit position
-Regular users reallocate earnings/taxes and deductions follow campus rules.
-Controller access required for restricted earn codes or account code changes.

Need extra help?

You can find more detailed instructions in the cross-campus funding guide. You can also email: or

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