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Best practices for verifying payroll funding and initiating Payroll Expense Transfers

From time to time, a paycheck is processed with incorrect or expired funding. Fortunately, you can use a Payroll Expense Transfer (PET) to update the funding source for a given paycheck.

When using PETs, there are a few best practices to keep in mind to ensure correct accounting, a smooth fiscal year-end and collaboration between departments.

 Use the HCM WorkCenter Resources Payroll Register Acct Detail query to review how a paycheck funded. Then, download the query results to Excel to easily confirm funding effort and filter for suspense SpeedTypes.

Clearing suspense SpeedTypes quickly makes reviewing summaries and budget management easier and avoids last minute PETs at fiscal year-end. You should process and approve any necessary PETs to post in the same month as the original payroll.

 Use the PET funding template to apply 100% distribution to the entire position’s earnings, including RGS, leave, and dock codes for each position. Consistent allocations make for easy calculations and funding verification.

 Does the funding template distribution apply to the next payroll? You can easily create a funding entry for the next payroll by checking the box Apply to Future. The funding row will be created when the PET is submitted.

 When creating a PET, please work with other units and update funding for other positions or additional pay in the same PET to avoid multiple PETs on the same paycheck by different units.

 PETs can use projects in pre-spending, open and ended statuses, but not in reporting status.

 Does your PET have restricted earn codes or taxes and deductions that require a funding change? Reach out to your campus controller’s office for additional assistance.

 As collaboration across campuses increases, so does cross-campus funding. Review the job aid and reach out to your campus controller’s office or the System HRGL team for questions or concerns.

 Any associated ePERS grant allocations will update after a PET. Re-certify ePERS effort if a PET changed it.

Need extra help?

Find PET resources in the Pay Transactions section of the HCM website. You can also email: or

Additionally, you can find HCM queries here:

  • Log into the employee portal.
  • Open the CU Resources dropdown menu and click Business Tools.
  • Select the HCM tile and choose HCM Community Users from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the HCM WorkCenter tile.
  • Select the Resources tab and click the query you desire.

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