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Best Practices: Setting up positions for new employees and transfers

When preparing positions for new employees or transfers, consider these tips for smooth setup and successful fall payroll.

Tips to keep in mind when creating a position:

  • Use an effective date for the NEW position row sometime before the actual effective date of the hire so that additional rows with new effective dates can be added in case of last-minute changes.
  • Complete the HRGL Request for Funding with the same effective date as the NEW position row. It will post once the position is APPROVED.
  • The effective date of the position’s first APPROVED row must match the first effective date of the Department Budget Table (DBT).
  • If a NEW position is DENIED, the original HRGL Request will not post. Create a separate CU Funding Entry with the effective date of the first APPROVED row (the one added after the DENIED row) so that a DBT can be created.
  • Never use correction to change NEW position data. If different data is needed, start over with a new entry.
  • When creating a new position or changing the position’s department effective date before July 1, funding is created for your new position using the position HRGL Request. Use the CU Funding Entry to create a funding row effective July 1, 2023 to continue funding into the new fiscal year.
  • After the position row is approved, use the CU Position Funding History in HCM WorkCenter to confirm that funding posted correctly.

Verify vacant position funding:

  • The Position Information query will return all active, inactive, and vacant positions in your unit with links to funding, history and incumbents.
  • The Position Funding query will return the current funding distributions for all vacant and filled positions in your unit including headcounts.
  • Funding History displays all the current and former funding rows.
  • Use the CU Funding Entry to update funding for vacant positions with any effective date during the vacant period. Once a position has an incumbent, funding may only be updated for current and future payroll periods. 
  • After the position row is approved, use the CU Position Funding History in HCM WorkCenter to confirm that funding posted correctly.
  • It is best practice to maintain one employee per position. Using the same position for multiple employees can be problematic. Do not use the same position on multiple employee records for the same employee or it will cause an error in FIN.

When changing a position’s department:

  • Add a DPC row to the position.
  • After clicking SAVE, you must complete the HRGL Request using the same effective date to create funding for the new department. SAVE and SUBMIT. It will post once the position is approved.
  • If there is an incumbent, ensure that incumbent check box is checked. The new department row must update job data. 
  • Never use correction to change the department in a position. Funding matches the department between the position, the department budget table and job data.
  • Correction is never used for funding. If funding must be changed, create a new funding row.
  • After the position row is approved, use the CU Position Funding History from the HCM WorkCenter to confirm that it posted to the new department.

Once (re)hires are complete, check that everyone made it to the roster:

  • Check the Personnel Roster (an HCM query) to ensure all newly hired or transferred employees posted correctly, including position data. 
  • Tip: When submitting department time, compare a current roster to an earlier roster to ensure that any terminations are included in the payroll uploads.
  • Missing a transferred employee? Use the Job List query to confirm an employee from another department.
  • Compare the roster data to the Funding Distribution query to ensure funding exists for all incumbents, is active and reflects current effort for each incumbent.

Need extra help?

You can find HR/GL resources on the HCM Funding Entry page.

As always, you can email or for additional help.

To access the HCM queries mentioned above:

  1. Log into the employee portal.
  2. Open the CU Resources dropdown menu and click Business Tools.
  3. Select the HCM tile and choose HCM Community Users from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the HCM WorkCenter tile.
  5. Select the Resources tab and click the query you desire.

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