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Avoid missing future-dated funding rows when adding new funding rows

Funding distributions can change at any time. In the effort to keep funding current, new funding rows can complement existing funding rows or, not realizing future funding rows already exist, unknowingly miss adding additional updates. 

A new check is now active on the Funding Entry page to bring awareness to existing future funding rows.

When choosing an effective date for a new CU Funding Entry, a message will display if another row exists in the same fiscal year with a future date beyond the new CU Funding Entry effective date.

Here’s an example:

  • A row currently exists effective 6/1/21.
  • You create a new row with an effective date 5/15/21.
  • The warning message will display that a future row already exists.
  • Is the existing 6/1/21 funding still valid?  No further action is needed.
  • Should the existing 6/1/21 funding row be updated?  If so, creating a separate CU Funding Entry effective 6/1/21 will use the next sequence to update the current 6/1/21 row.

 Be aware this check mechanism will not cross fiscal years.  If a 7/1/21 row exists (the first row for the next fiscal year), the message will not display.

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