See what changes are in the works for HR/GL and HCM through late summer.
See what changes are coming for HCM and HR/GL through late summer.
Brush up on your benefits options during this year’s Open Enrollment. It’s your chance for a checkup on your plan selections for medical, dental, health and flexible savings plans, and life and disability insurance plans.
Get a detailed look at the upcoming Elevate development waves.
Working groups are making progress to finalize HCM and HR/GL items to be developed by July 31.
See what's happening with Elevate's HCM and HR/GL workstreams.
If you have biweekly employees with recorded time for Pay Period End 12-31-16 and this time is not loaded in CU Time to be processed, you will be contacted by your campus HR department with next steps. Otherwise, no action is needed.
Fixes address pay, duplications, group transactions and other items.
Processing for Pay Run ID 12/30/16 will be delayed until Jan. 9. Uploads must be submitted and approved by 7 a.m.
Student employees will be refunded deductions taken in error in 2016’s final paychecks.