Don't let the flu keep you in bed and use up your sick days. Employee Services and Kaiser are bringing flu shots to CU campuses.
Ask staff members to review their 2017-18 Open Enrollment benefits selections through their campus portal.
Pick your 2017-18 benefits in the employee portal before 5 p.m., May 12.
Don’t miss your chance to meet up with benefits specialists and fill in any holes in your benefits plan knowledge.
Brush up on your benefits options during this year’s Open Enrollment. It’s your chance for a checkup on your plan selections for medical, dental, health and flexible savings plans, and life and disability insurance plans.
Please enter transactions and job data changes that will affect benefits eligibility as soon as possible. This will ensure employees avoid a variety of negative outcomes.
CU employees can instantly see benefits selections in the CU Resources area of
Let your employees know they’ll have just two weeks this spring to enroll in new benefits plans or re-elect their existing ones during Open Enrollment 2015-16, Monday, April 27 – Monday, May 11.
June 30 is the last day to schedule or donate excess leave.
On July 1, CU retirees may recieve a vacation payout for unused vacation.