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New portal tool allows managers to clear outdated My Leave notifications

A new employee portal tool allows managers to clear old My Leave notifications for leave requests or timesheet submissions.

The problem: Old notifications stick around

CU’s timekeeping system, My Leave, sends managers notifications that an employee has submitted a leave request or timesheet for review. Sometimes, employees need to modify or cancel a submission. This can result in managers seeing a backlog of ‘stale’ notifications for timekeeping submissions that are no longer relevant.

Acting on the modified timekeeping submission (by approving or denying it) clears only the notification for the most recent version, not earlier versions. As a result, some supervisors see many stale notifications dating back months or years for old timekeeping submissions. This can result in a cluttered notification list, making it difficult to distinguish new notifications from outdated ones.

The solution: A new tool clears old notifications

There’s now a tool available for managers in the employee portal to clear all leave or timesheet notifications over 60 days old. This tool will not clear notifications that are less than 60 days old to ensure that notifications for current timekeeping submissions aren’t removed. This is especially relevant for exception time, which is processed one month in arrears.

Find the notification clearing tool

The tool to clear notifications is located in the employee portal. Managers can find it by:

  1. Logging in to the employee portal.
  2. Selecting Manager from the menu at top left.
  3. Clicking on the tile labeled Clear Stale Notifications.

Once selected, managers will see a popup window asking them to confirm they wish to delete all notifications older than 60 days. Click the “OK” button to proceed with the removal of notifications.

You can find a job aid with these instructions on the HCM website.

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