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HCM enhancements coming Nov. 13

Beginning Nov. 13, HCM users may notice several small changes to the user interface. Pages haven’t moved and workflows aren’t necessarily different, but you may want to note changes and updated menu names.

Screenshot of HCM Quick Access Bar

In addition to the simplified icons and a relocated Quick Access Bar, now found in the top ribbon, that all employees will experience, several changes are specific to the HCM interface.


  • Global Search is now available in the top ribbon on all HCM-delivered pages. You can use it to navigate directly from any non-customized page rather than having to use your favorites, the NavBar or click the magnifying glass icon for Global search.
  • The Search page has a slightly new layout with several functional enhancements: 
    • Recent Searches and Saved Searches are now search criteria options.
    • A user’s five most recent searches will be retained in any given component.
    • After entering a frequently searched value, a user can create a Saved Search shortcut for quick, on-demand use within the same component.

Screenshot of HCM search page

  • Several menu names have changed.
    • For example, Modify a person is now Update Person Detail.
    • To download a list of all menu name changes, visit HCM Menu Names 2023.
    • Your favorites will retain their names from before the upgrade and still direct you to the correct page with its new name.
  • The notification icon is still a bell using a red dot with an exclamation point to signal unread notifications, but the previous small blue dot — that signaled pending leave requests or timesheet approval notifications — is now light green.

Screenshot of HCM notifications icon

Process Monitor has a few changes.

  • All is a new option in the drop-down menu with Date Range or Last.
  • The Instance Field now includes a Range hyperlink where one can enter instance values.
  • Run Control ID is a new column field in the Process List.
  • Linked Process Instance: When a job is running with multiple processes in a stack, you can now search for a specific process instance number and click the hyperlinked process name for the details on if and when it is contained as part of a larger process.


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