Changes to approvals are coming with the release of Elevate Wave 3. See what’s new and what’s staying the same.
June’s portal upgraded included new ways to navigate HCM, but you can still access HCM’s classic menu. Here’s how to do it before and after the implementation of Elevate Wave 3.
No transactions need to be approved before Wave 3’s implementation. See how transactions will be handled as new approval chains are implemented.
Plan ahead: HCM maintenance is scheduled for Aug. 3.
A recorded webinar and structured labs are available resources for additional Wave 3 training.
With the change to the Elevate Wave 3 launch date, some structured labs have been rescheduled to provide additional time for user acceptance testing. See the new dates offered, and sign up to ensure you are prepared for the upcoming updates.
See this new functionality and what it can do for you.
Learn more about further changes coming to the portal and find out how to attend structured labs and webinars.