Users can now access CU Time directly from their HCM dashboard with the new CU Time Collection tile. Learn about the changes with guides and job aids.
Take these steps when updating or creating a position into HCM and learn about the reason behind warning messages populating when saving changes on Position.
A variety of videos, blogs and Skillsoft courses are available to help both new and established HCM users get the most out of the system.
The new Work Study Indicator page is now available in HCM. Find out how to access it, along with important training materials. Plus, we’ve fixed a number of items reported after Wave 3’s implementation.
Open labs are now available on every CU campus.
Make sure positions you create include the Funding Entry Page.
Not seeing Wave Three updates? Ensure your cache is clear by following these steps.
Get the training you need with step-by-step guides, job aids, open labs and a recorded webinar.
When Wave Three debuts, here’s how to find CU Time. In the coming weeks, a CU Time tile will be added to the HCM Community User dashboard.
Learn how to customize your dashboard homepage and access multiple HCM pages after the release of Wave Three.