Use this job aid to find your most important pages in the newly redesigned HCM interface.
Find out what’s new and make a seamless transition to using its new features.
Plan ahead: 24-hour HCM maintenance is scheduled for June 10-11.
Ask staff members to review their 2017-18 Open Enrollment benefits selections through their campus portal.
Get an in-depth look at the new portal menu then find out how to get the training you need to utilize it.
Get a high-level overview of changes coming to the portal and HCM this June.
Help us beat last year’s record of getting more than 15,000 employees to confirm and/or update their personal information within the portal in preparation for tax season by asking employees to take the following actions.
Before your student workers leave for summer break, remind them of two important tasks: updating their addresses in the portal and checking their mail/email to learn about July changes to the Student Employee Retirement Plan.
Before we integrate a new security measure into the HRMS, we want you to test it out in the portal and test this feature to avoid having problems entering the HRMS later this fall.
Employees will soon be able to view their compensation history online.