Please review your registers before the pay pull deadline at 10 a.m. Wednesday.
We’ll notify you when registers are available.
Review payroll data in detail.
If you've requested a bank pull for an employee's pay and you're still seeing the amount in your payroll register, there is a good chance the amounts were pulled; however, they're not yet reflected in your payroll register.
If you manage a graduate student worker who is not showing up on your monthly payroll register, please enter the pay in the off-cycle payroll run BY 8 A.M. WEDNESDAY.
We completed January's monthly payroll yesterday and will run biweekly payroll today. See HCM issues in progress, those we've fixed and what's coming up.
You may now run your payroll registers to confirm monthly pay for employees scheduled to be paid on Friday, Jan. 29.
We're finishing January's monthly payroll today and biweekly payroll later this week. We'll let you know when payroll registers are available to run.
Payroll registers for the monthly payroll cycle are not yet available. We will send an email to the HCM Community when they are available to run.