Check a few quick tasks off your list to ensure you are ready for the debut of new contract pay processes.
Want to learn more about the upcoming changes to contract pay? Structured labs will teach you everything you need to know.
See what changes have debuted for HR/GL, contract pay changes HCM through late summer.
HCM users can expect the follow contract pay updates next month.
If you have professors currently on a 9-pay-12 academic year contract, who are resigning at the end of Spring Semester, follow this process to pay all owed salaries.
If you have academic year professors who are resigning soon, please take these steps to end their contracts.
HCM users can run a query to identify expired appointments or contracts where the employee record needs to be terminated.
Use this tip to avoid a common error when using the Contract Pay ePAR.
Preview steps for August-September.
New quick reference guide walks through two-step process.