Ensure you enter all summer contract appointments by May 18. Need assistance? We have the resources to help you navigate this process.
Here’s what you should do before May payroll.
New professors starting in January must be set up on 9-pay-9 contracts, but can elect for a 9-pay-12 contracts in August 2018.
Recap important information before making adjustments to contracts for professors going on spring sabbatical leave.
These guidelines will ensure your work with contracts goes smoothly
Making a pay rate changes to contracts? Completing early terminations? Here’s how to ensure these entries are completed correctly and in time for payroll processing.
The Earnings Not Paid (ENP) earning code seen on 9-pay-9 contacts is a result of changed contract processes.
Learn contract pay updates and check your contract calculations with an HCM query by Sept. 1.
Preview steps you need to take this month.
Get the training you need with structured and open labs, a webinar, training environment and step-by-step guide.