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Streamline tax compliance for international guests before summer conferences

Every summer, visitors from around the world visit the University of Colorado for conferences, symposiums and seminars.

When planning and making travel arrangements for your guests, remember that payments and reimbursements to international visitors are subject to immigration and tax restrictions. The International Tax Office is here to help navigate these important tax considerations, explain limitations, clarify allowable expenses and determine which payments are subject to federal tax withholding.

Review the following resources and contact the Office before your guest’s arrival with questions or concerns:

  • AP International Payments Guidance - Follow this flowchart to determine the nature of the travel payment for taxation purposes prior to referencing the AP Payment Matrix.
  • International AP Payment Matrix - Once you have correctly classified the travel payment using the AP International Payment Guidance, use this interactive tool, along with your visitors anticipated immigration status, to identify required documentation, expected taxation and any restrictions that will apply to your visotr.

Reach out to the International Tax Office at for assistance. 

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