Find May 2015 pay dates, and deadlines for monthly, biweekly and off-cycle time collection.
Before the fiscal year ends on June 30, check employee pay records and department account statements, pay out contracts on time, check for overpays and urge faculty to submit pay election forms.
Before your student workers leave for summer break, remind them of two important tasks: updating their addresses in the portal and checking their mail/email to learn about July changes to the Student Employee Retirement Plan.
Do you have employees in your department who have accrued the maximum amount of vacation, or are getting close? Employee Services will be sending you a total of four leave sweep reports in the coming months.
As the employee performance cycle winds down, place the following deadlines on your calendar to ensure CU’s salary upload processes run smoothly and your employees’ information gets updated in HRMS appropriately.
The State of Colorado will be implementing a new tracking period for classified staff employees taking leave under the Family Medical Leave Act.
A new Scope of Work form must be used starting April 30.
We've sent posters to you via campus mail to promote Open Enrollment to employees. Please check your mailbox for these posters and help spread the word about important benefits changes, effective July 1.
Did you miss this month's business partner meeting on your campus? If so, don’t worry; we've got you covered.
It's time to start the evaluations for classified staff. Take a look at the tasks you must complete this April, May and June.