Due to fiscal-year-end payroll processing, there will be no special off-cycle the week of June 29. We will open the off-cycle time collection on Thursday, July 2.
Find monthly, biweekly and special off-cycle payroll deadlines and pay dates for July 2015.
To help us make a seamless transition to HCM this fall, we need you to check if you have the correct browsers and applications configured on your desktop.
Start off fiscal year 2015-16 with a clean slate by wrapping up any remaining overpayments and payroll expense transfers by June 30.
Before Employee Services sweeps leave balances that exceed the university's allowed maximums this July, do your part by confirming the accuracy of the leave sweep reports we sent you on June 4.
Don't forget: Employee Services will be uploading salary increases into the HRMS on Tuesday, June 30, which means you won't be able to work within HR Production that day.
Don’t forget: The June monthly payday falls on Wednesday, July 1, which means now’s a great time to remind monthly paid employees that they’ll be receiving their money a bit later than normal.
Use these deadlines to pay your employees on time before the fiscal year closes, and reference it to see how payroll expenses will be charged.
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Save time for your new hires and CU persons of interest (POI): Give them access to the employee portal before their first day of work.