International employees must meet with a CU international tax specialist. Appointments fill fast, so encourage international employees to book today.
We've upgraded the old resources master page to the new HCM Community Document Library. The new format gives you better search capabilities and easier navigation.
Fixes and enhancements for Payroll Expense Transfers (PETs) were implemented this week.
Issues involving encumbrances and funding entry are currently being resolved. If you need to create new positions or your funding entries do not update to completed status, temporary workarounds are available to you while these problems are fixed.
Preview steps you need to take this month.
The new Work Study Indicator page is now available in HCM. Find out how to access it, along with important training materials. Plus, we’ve fixed a number of items reported after Wave 3’s implementation.
Open labs are now available on every CU campus.
Make sure positions you create include the Funding Entry Page.
Prepare for this change with training guides and on-campus sessions.