Review tips for success.
New Cherwell dashboard tracks tickets and trends.
We've modified the job query and created a funding distribution query.
Learn how to hire a CU employee into a new position without resending their personal data to HCM.
System fix will not allow users to create a new PET for an employee and pay period when an withdrawn or incomplete PET already exists.
We pre-emptively sent you a blog post about changes coming the CU Time upload process. While we're excited to roll out and fully announce these changes, they are not yet ready. Please disregard the email you received. We'll be sending you full details on these changes and how they’ll impact you later this week.
Earning codes were missing from the event window in My Leave.
Attend a campus session to learn more about HCM, CU Careers and Open Enrollment.
We will communicate when fixes roll out soon.
Review the three transaction pages related to contracts: Hire, Pay Rate Change and Contract Pay.