HCM is now available for you to use.
User alert: HCM is experiencing an outage.
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HCM help line hours will be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the time being
Today's HCM daily update includes tips on entering time, pay resources, system improvements, and upcoming deadlines.
Users can again use ePAR transactions.
Please refrain from using ePAR Transactions in HCM until an error can be corrected.
As we resolve HCM errors and educate you on how to use the system, we're using metrics to identify issues that have the greatest impact on the university and devote most of our resources to resolving them.
We’ve completed three days of HCM improvements, including clearing errors and resolving issues, and you can once again use the system.
Follow these simple steps to view and read a payroll register.