Here's a new task to add to your list when hiring employees or adding affiliates to Human Capital Management (HCM): Immediately enter their Social Security numbers into HCM or, if they're in the process of getting this form of identification, use CU’s standard for entering temporary ones.
If you run into problems while working in HCM, check out the HCM Known Issues Log before reporting it.
We've updated the "My Leave for Supervisors" step-by-step guide to include important notes on proxies.
You may now run a payroll register to confirm your employees will be paid on Thursday, Dec. 31.
The Employee Services payroll line will close at noon today and the rest of the department will close at 3 p.m. today. If your issue is urgent, we can still help you today.
Get a little background in transaction pages, and a guide on when to use them.
Our payroll phone lines will be closed briefly for training that will help us to better answer your questions.
Help us beat last year’s record of getting more than 15,000 employees to confirm and/or update their personal information within the portal in preparation for tax season by asking employees to take the following actions.
For now, please hold off on running payroll registers.